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Happy Tour 2014 - an epic bike journey from Sweden to Thailand.

The adventure started on the 29th of March

In order to raise money for Barnhem Muang Mai, a group of young Swedes decided to walk from Bangkok to Phuket. Calle Wollgard was the leader of a group of four people who made it all the way.

This 560 mile adventure, dubbed Happy Walk, was a complete success - Happy Walk raised more than 1,000,000 baht!

Now in 2014, Calle Wollgard and three other friends of his have decided to do something literally amazing. They will bike from Sweden to Phuket, a journey spanning 18 countries and 10,000 miles. The moniker has changed to Happy Tour but the goal is the same; to raise as much money as possible for the children.

On their website,, you can find out much more about the guys, the route, the planning and how to support them in their endeavor. And yes, of course you will get daily on-the-road updates on just about everything from the guys themselves!

Calle, Fredrik, Christofer and Tomi, words can neither express how grateful we are for what you are about to do, nor express how fantastic it is going to be to follow your adventures.

Link to an article in Phuket Gazette:

Link to Gomorron Sverige, SVT:

Link to article no 2 in Phuket Gazette (26/5-2014):

Link to article nr 3 in Phuket Gazette (28/6-2014):

Link to Nyhetsmorgon TV4 (29/7-2014):örlorade-sina-döttrar-i-tsunamin-nu-driver-hon-barnhem-i-thailand-2807155

Link to artclel nr 4 in Phuket Gazette (20/8-2014):

Link till article nr 6 in Phuket Gazette (16/11-2014):







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Many Thanks to the Gothenburg City Clinic!
Anders, Jonathan, Sofia, and Thomas at the City Clinic in Gothenburg, Sweden decided on Saturday, November 17 to forfeit their day off and to instead work for free for the benefit of Happy Child and Barnhem. The clinic filled up and at the end of the day, the four employees had given massages and naprapathic treatments that totaled more than $2,400. You are simply fantastic!
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Congratulations, Neng!
We are proud to inform you that Neng, who have lived at Barnhem since 2006, was accepted at Mae Fa Luang University in Chiang Rai. He will enroll as a major in Multimedia Technology and Animation, earning a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Technology and Animation after four years.
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